Successful Quilting Tips For Beginners


Quilting is not a difficult process. If you have a love for stitching, it is an easy job to do with good planning. For quilting, cutting of the fabric is one of the most important things that affect the looks of a quilt. Correct folding will give you a correct measurement of the fabric. If it is not, then, it will affect the material. To avoid this, make sure that you evenly align the folding before you start cutting. After that, check whether the selvage edges are even when you compare with each other. If you see rippling, try re-positioning the salvage edges until you get the smooth edge.

Small differences in cutting will result in pieces or blocks that are not in size. To avoid getting differences, make sure to keep the ruler correctly over the fabric. Having small variations in the fabric will make a huge difference in the pieces or block. A ¼’’ patchwork presser foot is now available in most of the machines. If you prefer using presser foot for general purpose, you can take the help of a graph paper in examining the ¼’’ distance from the position of the needle. Before you start to sew on a project, it will be a good idea to have a check on the accuracy of the plan you are going to use. If you get the correct measures, you can start the project confidently.

When you start to stitch, try using a scrap piece. Start stitching on it and then directly sew to the fabric piece. There is another option also. Straight stitch throat plate can help you so that you can make different kind and varieties of decorative stitches. If you do not use the straight stitch throat plate correctly, then you will face another issue in the form of broken needle.

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