Free- Motion Quilting – Tips For Beginners

motion quilting

Is adding a good look to your quilts, a dream for you? If it is, then there are simple ways to acquire it. Here are some tips for successful quilting which you can do on your home machine.

The first thing is finding ample table surface area for quilting. On a domestic machine, if you could have a drop-in table, that will be good for free-motion quilting. If you do not have one, there is no need to worry. Get a table that is long enough to keep the things, and that can be within your reach.

Now, if you are using a sewing machine, you should keep the threads handy. To get rid of any difficulties like the needle thread gets poke through the back side, you should use a thread that matches the color of your machine’s top and bobbin. The next thing to keep in mind is you can use different colors of fabric paints so that you can get attention on the texture and not on any mistakes. Do not start working on big projects in the beginning. You should practice on small projects or scraps first so that you can get the confidence to work on a big project. When you practice, you can try a different combination of colors and different patterns.

Get all the blocks and pieces cut by you. If someone else does the job for you, you will not get satisfaction which can affect the work. The best thing you can do is do the quilt yourself. By doing this, you will be getting practice so that you can avoid any mistakes in the future. Start selecting a simple quilting design to work first. Always have a plan before you start quilting. You can draw the design or write down step by step activities which need to be complete while quilting. This plan can help in getting you a good result.